Reviews in First Aid Training

“Bec is a fantastic and fun trainer”

“This training is exceptional I always walk away feeling I have learned so much. Thank you to Bec she is so informative and makes the training fun.”

“The trainer was both informative and engaging. “

“Thank you Rebecca for your prompt class and lovely environment! Love the poochies snuggles too! “

“The trainer was amazing!”

“Really good and informative will do cpr again next year”

“The trainer was great, and the information was really useful. “

“Bec is fantastic. We have been using her a first aid trainer/ provider for many years. She is professional, approachable, and always runs on time. The equipment is always in good order. I have no doubt we will continue to use this service for many years to come.”

“Trainer was excellent! Her explanations were very thorough and engaging, will not forget her descriptions. Thank you”

“I find Bec very easy to understand and knowledgeable.”

“It was exceptionally friendly and very good, but the location is not convenient because I don’t drive.”

“I would like to acknowledge Rebecca for her thorough knowledge and experience base. She makes the material easy to understand how to apply to real life circumstances. 2 Thumbs up!”

“Every person should do this First Aid course.”

“We had Bek last year as well. She was lovely, super informative and approachable. Definitely recommend this training to others (particularly with Bek)”

“Bec was awesome, very informative and funny. Thanks “

“The best training I have done so far. Straight to the point. Very clear. Loved it!”

“After attending a lot of first aid training over the years I was pleased to learn a few things that I hadn’t heard before . Thank you to the presenter, Bec “

“Bec the trainer was engaging and very knowledgeable, she made it very easy to listen and easy to learn.”

“Bec was such an amazing teacher! Learnt so much from here and she made it incredibly fun. I feel confident in my skills if I ever need to use them.”

“Bec was excellent trainer and I brought some new information home. I am very happy with her training.”

“My trainer was amazing, I’ve left feeling confident in my skills and knowledge.”

“Great trainer”

“Bec is awesome and I highly recommend “

“Excellent training experience and learnt a great deal more from this trainer compared to past trainers.”

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  1. Best first aid course I’ve done in 20 years! Rebecca as friendly, made the information super relevant and explained why we do what we do. Best of all it was super easy and convenient. Making doing first aid fun. Thank you!!

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