Course Fees

Course Fees

Fees and charges are available on request from your trainer prior to enrolling into this course. There are no additional fees associated with your training, except for cancellation fees, replacement of resources and where a certificate reprint is requested a service fee will be charged.  For the current charge, please access the “Certificate Reprint” online form, located on the North Brisbane First Aid Training website. A copy of the form can be accessed by email

Students who require replacement of issued learners resources or workbooks will be liable for additional charges to cover the cost of replacement. Charges are currently $50 for replacement of resources.

The Standards for RTOS 2015 require North Brisbane First Aid Training to inform persons considering enrolment of their right to a statutory cooling off period. A statutory cooling off period (which is 10 days) is a period of time provided to a consumer to allow them to withdraw from a consumer agreement, where that agreement was established through unsolicited marketing or sales tactics. These include tactic such as door-to-door sales and telemarketing. A statutory cooling off period allows a consumer to withdraw from a sales agreement within 10 days of having received a sale contract without penalty.

It must be noted that North Brisbane First Aid Training do not engage in unsolicited marketing or sales tactics and therefore a statutory cooling off period in not applicable to our students who have enrolled into a program. For refund option in other circumstances, students must refer to the refund policy